Announcement on DIPChain Early Allocation

Dear DIPChain community members:


The Early Allocation has officially commenced!

On May 29th, DIPChain press conference was held in Ullens, Beijing, the MVP of DIPLive has been officially announced. At the same time, DIPChain Private Sale has also concluded and attracted unprecedented attention in the market. Major agencies such as ICOBench, ICOMarks, Track ICO and other head rating agencies have given high scores to the DIPChain Project.

After that, we are optimizing DIPChain Project and will carry out a series of improvements and updatings to lay a good foundation for the next step of DIPLive.

Now, we are ready for DIPChain Early Allocation. This time, we still aim at building a global art and digital community ecosystem. DIPChain expects more friends to join in the DIPChain community as well as build a borderless art living community with us!


Here are the details on how you can participate in DIPChain Early Allocation:

1. Please log in the DIPChain website at

2. After login, go to the KYC Page. Fill in the form and submit the required information.

3. DIPChain issues 1 billion DIPC. The total amount to be raised of the Early Allocation account for 13%, 12380 ETH, at a rate of 1ETH=11500DIPC. Please click on the page for details of the bonus

4. On the basis of legal advice, DIPChain Early Allocation will send a quota of invitations to individual and institutional users who meet the legal and regulatory requirements. 

Safety notes:

1. The official website ( is the only channel to Early Allocation. DIPChain will not provide you any relevant information in any unofficial way, including but not limited to: email, Telegram, phone calls, SMS, WeChat group, etc.

2. DIPChain official website uses EV SSL verification for identification. If you do not see any icon at the end of the website, it is a fake website. Please contact us immediately at


DIPChain Project aims to create an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital art platform, getting together independent and thoughtful artists, designers and art amateurs to built a borderless art living community based on the technology of blockchain. We are expecting to build DIPChain community with you.



DIPChain Team

June 10, 2019