Activity – Youtube & DIPChain

Activity 1: Our video!


After spending a lot of time, finally we recorded several videos belong to the DIPChain, forward one of our videos you like and write about your feelings, there will be a reward for you, looking forward to your participation!


a. Only applies to accounts with more than 100 YouTube subscribers      

b. You can get 150 DIPC Token by forwarding a video you like and leaving a comment

c. Comments must not contain derogatory DIPChain content

d. We will post this activity on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, But the reward is only for the YouTube platform.


150 DIPC Token



Activity 2: Make a video for us!


Please make an exclusive video for us. The video content would related to the DIPChain, there will be a chance to share 500,000 DIPC Token once it is listed.


1. Record a video, the content must be related to DIPChain

2. Participating users should have at least 100 subscribers

3. The time for the video should have at least 2 minutes

4. For participating users, please indicate the ETH address under video

5. Only accept original video (copying or cutting will not be accepted, once found, there will be no reward)

6. Won't be rewarded if the video views less than 100                 

7. Each user can only submit one participant video

8. We will make statistics on all videos after the activity,                    

9. All approved users will share 500,000 DIPC Token

10.Whether video is approved and rewarded depends on video quality and popularity

11. Audit criteria are assessed by the DIPChain team

12. The activity lasts for one month

13. After the activity, the statistical results will be released


Reward:500,000 DIPC Token


Note: If only 5 videos approved in the end, then the 5 owners of video will share the DIPC Token award of 500,000 


DIPChain Team