DIPChain Project Weekly Report(2019.6.3—2019.6.16)


 Article publication



Newsletter 21 pieces

DIPCHAIN Talk Original advertorials 12 pieces

Appreciation of art works 13 pieces

Community market analysis 10 pieces



Daily dynamics:



Consultants and artists joined

Naveen Kapoor

Lalit Bansal

Wang Weiguo



Community dynamics:


SergeyAbdullahi Luqman joined DIPChain,DIPChain opened up the development of globalization

The total members of DIPCHAIN Chinese community are 51500

The total members of DIPCHAIN English community are 61020




Community candy:


This week the community airdropped 120650 tokens, Total throughput are 1295516 tokens.






Completion of Private Sale subscription

Kim HyunwooAlan WoodLee Williams joined community,conducted investor management and service

The construction of DIPChain official website 3.0 has been completed, and the adaptation test will be completed next week

The test of POP (Proof of Prestige) Prestige Prestige mechanism was completed, and the relation between consumption factor E and adjustment coefficient was determined