DIPChain Project Weekly Report(2019.5.6—2019.5.19)

  Article publication



Newsletter 21 pieces

DIPCHAIN Talk Original advertorials 12 pieces

Appreciation of art works 13 pieces

Community market analysis 10 pieces




Press conference progress:


The conference materials were prepared.

Art installation design completed

Domestic 32 cooperative media, 10 strategic cooperative media reached cooperation




Community dynamics:


DIPCHAIN Bitcointalk ANN completed

DIPCHAIN overseas airdrop campaign released

The total members of DIPCHAIN Chinese community are 46500

The total members of DIPCHAIN English community are 21401




Community candy:


This week the community airdropped 420034 tokens, Total throughput are 985216 tokens.








Market progress:




Listing on ICObench、ICOmasks

Got 4.9 points and 8.5 points

Listing on domestic and foreign wallet

ICOrating invites DIPChain to conduct compliance rating

Achieve strategic cooperation with the Equilibrium