DIPChain Project Weekly Report(2019.5.20—2019.6.2)


  Article publication


Newsletter 21 pieces

DIPCHAIN Talk Original advertorials 12 pieces

Appreciation of art works 13 pieces

Community market analysis 10 pieces



Daily dynamics:



 DIPChain foundation completed the opening ceremony in Ullens

Press conference news report (Excerpt ) https://www.huoxing24.com/newsdetail/20190527182929238052.html











Community dynamics:


DIPCHAIN YouTube Activity starts

The total members of DIPCHAIN Chinese community are 51200

The total members of DIPCHAIN English community are 54230


Community candy:


This week the community airdropped 920034 tokens, Total throughput are 1285516 tokens.






The telegram robot docks with the information base完成DIPLive原型设计

ICOrating rating agencies complete the rating of DIPChain

Make DIPChain T-shirts to start community T-shirt activities

DIPChain Art College activities launched