DIPChain Project Weekly Report(2019.4.8—2019.4.21)

  Article publication



Newsletter 21 pieces

DIPCHAIN Talk Original advertorials 12 pieces

Appreciation of art works 13 pieces

Community market analysis 10 pieces


3 organizations entered


Gallery d’Art

Gateway Art Center NYC




Community Activities


Cooperate with Huoxin to build Huoxin community

DIPCHAIN overseas airdrop campaign released

The total members of DIPCHAIN Chinese community are 28526

The total members of DIPCHAIN English community are 1036

Project publicity video shooting



Community candy:


This week the community airdropped 120034 tokens, Total throughput are 685216 tokens.






Server optimization, integral bonus configuration completed

UGC model and product design construction

Determine the content and time of the foundation press conference

Complete the art design and ideas of the press conference

Overseas resources development (rating agencies, airdrop platforms, etc.)