DIPChain Project Weekly Report(2019.4.22—2019.5.5)


   Article publication


Newsletter 21 pieces

DIPCHAIN Talk Original advertorials 12 pieces

Appreciation of art works 13 pieces

Community market analysis 10 pieces



Daily dynamics:


Interviews with New York artists

Whitelist and KYC compliance certification

Functional design and development of telegram robot



Community dynamics:


DIPCHAIN overseas bounty campaign starts

DIPCHAIN domestic QQ group activity starts

The total members of DIPCHAIN Chinese community are 32576

The total members of DIPCHAIN English community are 2650



Community candy:


This week the community airdropped 195660 tokens, Total throughput are 801754 tokens.




Market progress:


Completed the design of materials for the press conference (background board, main background,  bag, etc.)

Technical cooperation with Future Comes









User database test 1.0

ETH-based ERC20 token contract writing test

Contract function test, vulnerability test, complete token issuance