Opening in September! Rising only! DIPC plans to list on the Huobi Exchange!

When we talk about alternative investing, it's wise to view it as a good investment opportunity. Art is one of the world's most popular alternative investment opportunities, especially for those looking to diversify their portfolios.


In other words, use portfolio diversification to minimize exposure. This is one of the first things investment experts recommend, especially in times of economic uncertainty, when markets can be unpredictable.


According to the "Art Market in 2018", more than 413,000 artworks were sold through auctions in 2018, a record high. The report also mentioned that the low unsold rateof Western countries is 34%,  with the market in buying mode. There is an interest in art as an alternative and diverse investment opportunity. But while art is popular, it can also represent considerable risk in terms of liquidity;


The DIPChain project also highlights this point, with a positive side, but the art market "remains ruthlessly selective".


Recent feedback data has accurately conveyed the popularity of DIPC Early Allocation to the majority of users. Within two days after the launch of the activity, more than 41,700 users added WeChat to DIPChain Admin, and more than 30,000 WeChat users added into the group. More than 200 people directly participated in the Early Allocation purchase within two days, and the Early Allocation purchase completed the amount up to 4000 ETH within two days.


DIPChain Early Allocation action is hot in progress, there are many blockchain peers to the event made a bold guess: DIPC Early Allocation share may soon sell out.


Finally, according to a senior DIPChain executive, they plan to list on the Huobi Exchange in the near future.


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